Our Team

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Jeffrey L. Staley

Jeff joined Maner Costerisan in 2000 following his college graduation.  As a
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James R. Dedyne

James joined Maner Costerisan in 1987 and currently serves as a principal in
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Dave Feenstra

Dave joined Maner Costerisan in 2003 as a consultant in the information
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Kenneth Schafer

Kenneth began his career at Maner Costerisan in 2014. As a senior manager in
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Careers at Maner

Before you commit to a future employer, consider what is important to you: Is it about the name recognition of your company? Being one of the many faces in a stadium full of faces? Your career is about growing as a professional and continuing to enjoy your personal freedoms.
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Timely Opportunities Blog

Selling rather than trading in business vehicles can save tax

Although a vehicle’s value typically drops fairly rapidly, the tax rules limit the amount of annual depreciation that can be claimed on most cars and light trucks. Thus, when it’s
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What Our Clients Have to Say

Dan Thompson, Prima Civitas

Maner Costerisan has a tremendous amount of expertise available to deal with all aspects of running a nonprofit. 

In our experience with the Maner team, we have found that they
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