Our Team

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James F. Meyer

James joined Maner Costerisan in 2006 as the Director of Business Development
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Dennis D. Theis

Dennis joined Maner Costerisan in 1990 upon his graduation from college. As a
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James E. Nyquist

Jim joined Maner Costerisan in 1987. In addition to his role as treasurer, a
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David M. Raeck

Dave joined Maner Costerisan in 1985.  In addition to serving as vice
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Careers at Maner

Before you commit to a future employer, consider what is important to you: Is it about the name recognition of your company? Being one of the many faces in a stadium full of faces? Your career is about growing as a professional and continuing to enjoy your personal freedoms.
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Timely Opportunities Blog

Is a Roth IRA conversion right for you this year?

If you have a traditional IRA, you might benefit from converting some or all of it to a Roth IRA. A conversion can allow you to turn tax-deferred future growth into tax-free growth.
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What Our Clients Have to Say

Ted Alberta, Portland Products, Inc.

We regard personnel at Maner Costerisan as key members of our team and we interact with them on many levels:  monthly financial statement preparation, business performance
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