Our Team

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Steven P. Piesko

Steve joined Maner Costerisan in 1999 following his college graduation and is
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Bruce J. Dunn

Bruce joined Maner Costerisan in 1979 and serves as director of Maner
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Brandy Terwilliger

As a senior manager in the tax department, Brandy focuses on tax planning and
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David M. Raeck

Dave joined Maner Costerisan in 1985.  In addition to serving as vice
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Careers at Maner

Before you commit to a future employer, consider what is important to you: Is it about the name recognition of your company? Being one of the many faces in a stadium full of faces? Your career is about growing as a professional and continuing to enjoy your personal freedoms.
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Timely Opportunities Blog

Your Business Legacy

How is it that some leaders can make a lasting impact?  It can’t simply be achieved at the tail end of a person’s tenure at an organization or the very year a leader starts planning
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What Our Clients Have to Say

Ted Alberta, Portland Products, Inc.

We regard personnel at Maner Costerisan as key members of our team and we interact with them on many levels:  monthly financial statement preparation, business performance
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